The factors to calculate while paying your nanny

Hiring a nanny is now getting in to trend because now more people are doing work as a full time and they cannot be all the time with their kids. Even parents who both are not working still they need occasional assistance from a good nanny to take care of the kids for a few hours or so. When you hire someone then she will be your employee and you have to pay her for her services. When you hire a nurse in Dubai then there are often set rates to pay and you have to pay accordingly but there are no set rules to pay a nanny in Dubai but you need to pay them a fair amount according to their services. To get an idea about payment you need to see this:

The first thing you have to see while calculating payment is that how many kids are there to whom she is providing her babysitting services. When there are more kids of different ages then you need to pay them more because it is difficult to handle different aged children at the same time. You can pay them additionally with very extra child. If you are hiring them for a long term then pay the amount carefully because you have to pay continuously every month so the amount should be reasonable which you are able to pay on regular basis.

When you are hiring a teenager with no prior experience then you can pay them a little low because they are not experienced and you need to advise them and provide all the instructions but when you are hiring an experienced professional then you need to pay them higher otherwise they will not work for you. If you need a specific ability in your nanny like being able to play guitar or able to swim etc. then you have to pay extra amount for teaching that skill to your kid while you are away.

When you are deciding to pay then you need to take in to consideration about the work your nanny is doing. If you hire a full da nanny who has to feed, clean, play and teach your kid also do some house chores then you need to pay them more instead of nanny who only takes care of sleeping kid and nothing else.