Capsule wardrobe is the concept of building a wardrobe with a limited number of clothing and accessories which can be styled in different ways. The idea of building this wardrobe is to spend less on clothing and save more. If you would like to be the part of this amazing idea where less is more, then keep on reading and find out how you can also convert your average, full of random things wardrobe into a capsule one.

  • Choose a style

Now because we all have a very diverse lifestyle this is why not everyone would have the same kind of outfits in their wardrobe. Some are more inclined towards active wear and gym wear while others go for a trendy touch in their casual wear. No matter who you are, you must have a style to pick. So in order to start building the perfect capsule wardrobe, you should go ahead and pick your style because your style will lay out the base for the upcoming shopping that you have to do.

  • Look for what you have

Now that you know there are style codes you can follow, you will either pick the one which you are more inclined towards or completely change your look. Whatever you pick, keep the specific style in your mind and take a thorough look at your wardrobe. Once you know what and how much you own it’ll be easier for you to shop. The reason behind this is that you must own several pieces of clothing which would be useful in the capsule wardrobe because it is all about bringing different pieces together and creating something good and unique.

  • Shop

Now that you have established the meaning and style of capsule wardrobe, go ahead and shop for the pieces which are missing and you need. Look for tops, bottoms, shoes, jewellery and accessories. The pieces that you buy should not be more than 35 and include a party wear as well. We know this sound like a huge challenge but once you are using these pieces you will realize that you are getting more use out of your wardrobe than you used to because you kept repeating the same outfits over and over again. Shop and wear your new outfit from capsule wardrobe.

Once you get a grip on the capsule wardrobe, you will be enjoying it more than anything.