Top Causes of AC Airflow Problems

One of the top causes of AC airflow problems is a clogged condenser unit. These units are usually located outside the home and can get clogged with debris. The result is that your air conditioner cannot move air into and out of your home effectively. The easiest way to fix the obstruction is to clear away the debris around the exterior unit. If you can’t remove the obstruction, try to clean the condenser unit. You can also seek help from Daikin AC suppliers as they are experts in handling these matters. 

Ductwork is the main culprit:

Often, the main culprit of airflow problems is ductwork. A lack of proper airflow can cause your AC to work overtime and increase your electricity bill. This can be a big problem if you aren’t aware of the potential problems. Here are some of the top causes of AC airflow problems. You might have an issue with one or several ducts. If you have a problem with only one duct, check to see if there are obstructions or leaks.

The blocked condenser unit is another cause:

Another cause of AC airflow problems is a blocked condenser unit. These units are located outside the home and can get clogged with debris, preventing the air from being drawn into the unit and then pumped into the house. Typically, you can solve this problem by clearing the debris around the outside unit. Otherwise, you should contact an HVAC service technician to have the unit repaired. If you are unsure whether the problem is related to your ductwork, you should have a professional check it.

Clogged airflow:

The most common cause of weak AC airflow problems is clogged airflow. Your air conditioner will require more energy to operate if it cannot circulate air effectively. When airflow is reduced, the cooling time will increase significantly. Therefore, it is essential to take care of the ductwork and ensure it works properly. You can also hire an HVAC service technician to check the ductwork and fix it if it isn’t in good condition.

Blockage in the air ductwork:

A blockage in the air ductwork can also cause AC airflow problems. In this case, a professional HVAC service can inspect the ductwork and seal up any leaks or obstructions. An uncovered AC blower is the best way to diagnose an airflow problem. The blower pushes the cold, dry air through the ducts. Without a strong push, the amount of airflow would be significantly reduced.