The desire to undertake car dent removal can sometimes be a necessary evil, particularly if you own an older vehicle or it seems to happen without warning. However, there are a number of methods which are available which can be utilized to easily rectify the issue. Your first line of defense is to call your local body shop and ask what your options are for dealing with this situation. Depending on the severity of the damage, the results of the work will vary and some may not be worth undertaking at all.

When is the Plunger Method of Dent Removal?

  • If the dent is quite severe, especially around the hood where the airbag is located, then your best option is to bring your car into a body shop and have it expertly repaired. If the dent is located on another area of your vehicle such as the underbody, then the plunger method is probably your best bet.
  • The plunger method for car dent removal works by slowly pushing on the dent until a certain level of compression is reached. This causes a great deal of pressure to be exerted on the dent, which then lifts the dent upwards. On a minor dent, the lifting action may not be enough to remove it entirely, but it certainly can help to lift the dent out.

The Use of Hail Cutter for Dent Removal:

  • One of the most common forms of brake pad replacement in Dubai and car dent removal requires the use of a hail cutter. In this case, the hail is directed at the dent and the blades spin at high speeds to cut away any of the metal that is attached to the dent.
  • If the dent was made by some hail last week and this hail is currently sitting on your car, then using a hail cutter will likely cause the dents to pop out. In some cases, this might not be an option and repairing the dent in this manner might be necessary.

More Ways of Dent Removal:

If you need a car dent removal in Dubai that is more extensive, then you might want to consider door-ding repair or paintless dent repair. Door ding repair involves removing small dents from your car’s doors using ultrasonic machines.

These are fairly inexpensive and can easily be done at home. Paintless dent repair involves removing small dents from your car’s pointless window using a special epoxy paint.