Sanitizer is the type of liquid that kills germs as well as fights them at the same to keep your skin and the entire body germs-free. But still you need to know some of the details that are attached to the chemistry of sanitizers. These details will help you to know which one is the best for you as sanitizers are always differentiated in types regarding their effectiveness, efficiency, intensity as well as danger. Talking about the word danger, there are some medicines which are very helpful for you but at the same time you have to store them very carefully or they start reacting with air. The same fact goes for sanitizers. Always keep the sanitizers closed and away from the usage of children. Let’s find out the types of sanitizers that are usually used by people. 

The most common type of sanitizers is the one that are base on chlorine. These sanitizers are available in every store and are the most affordable ones. The concentration of chlorine sanitizers varies from 50ppm up to 100ppm. These sanitizers are very strong to fight against any kind of bacteria and are available in very less costs. The main fact to note regarding chlorine sanitizers is that these sanitizers don’t work with high intensity in hot water. But if the temperature is varying from 55°F up to 75°F, chlorine sanitizers will perform the best job. 

Quaternary Ammonia sanitizers are the type of sanitizers that are contain no smell, no color as well as are nontoxic. The advantages of Quaternary Ammonia sanitizers are involve fighting against bacteria by setting residual antimicrobial films. Also Quaternary Ammonia sanitizers are amazingly effective in high temperatures. Quaternary Ammonia sanitizers work with high effectiveness when they are used in the presence of organic materials. Quaternary Ammonia sanitizers are required to use for a longer time because they work slow against spoilage bacteria. 

Iodine sanitizers are work very fast as compared to Quaternary Ammonia sanitizers. These sanitizers are also extremely effective and kill all the bacteria that exist on your skin. Iodine sanitizers are nontoxic as well as non-irritating when applied on the skin. These sanitizers are very stable but might happen to be leaving stains on surfaces that are based on porous as well as surfaces of plastic.

For house sanitizing services Dubai uses the most advanced sanitizers to make sure the citizens live a healthy and germ-free life. You can find out which one is the most suitable for your home by reading different information related to the same topic.