Dubai is best place to start your business in Dubai and no any business will fail in Dubai. The only thing to establish your business is investment and entrepreneurial skills. But not everyone has investment to set up business at large scale. If you are struggling at this stage that you have skills to establish but you have minimum investment then you should read this blog. This blog has some ideas of business in Dubai which requires low investment and you can establish your business there.

Fashion boutique:

Clothing business will never disappoint you. It is easy to grow this business and you can also start this business at your home. Even you will no need to do partnership with any other partner. You can also start it with your female members who have better idea of clothing. You can purchase clothes from market and factories in low rates and then you can sell in Dubai market. If you have idea of clothing then you can also design clothes. This is the type of business that male and female both can do. To get high response from public, you can also pair it up with online clothing store. So you can sell your product on both platforms.

Online employment agency:

You will have to provide qualified employees to the recruiting companies. You can start this business with low investment and can be easily run at home. You will need laptop and stable internet connection. And you will have to contact with companies so that when they need persons they may contact with you. Then you will have to refer those individuals to these companies and in return you will get your commission.

Web development:

You are software engineer and you don’t want to do job anymore in firm. Then you can also opt to start at your home. You will contact with the companies and almost every company needs website so client finding will not be an issue. So you will start working with those companies on getting project. Even you can also outsource your work to freelancers when you get bulk amount of work.

Food truck business:

It is new and trending business. You can offer different types of foods, home made foods and you will target your audience who do not want to go to restaurants so we can also say it mobile restaurant.