Designing your kitchen into something that you have dreamt about for ages is truly a dream come true and we believe you wouldn’t want anything crushing that dream. This is the reason we have compiled a list of all the mistakes that one should avoid at all costs when designing luxury kitchen Dubai to achieve the maximum out come from it.

  • Not considering the fridge space

This is a mistake which people often make even though it doesn’t sound like it should be difficult to manage. People don’t actually think through this step because they think they will be getting something similar to what they already done but when in reality they think about it, they realize they need a bigger freezer than a fridge – something they don’t already have – and then the size fixture issues create problems. So, make sure that you think through this one.

  • Not thinking about the work triangle

If you are not familiar with the work triangle then we believe you are missing out on something major. Work triangle basically refers to an area in your kitchen which is sink, cooktop and fridge, all connected to one another in a triangular area in your kitchen. This is extremely helpful when you think of working or cooking in kitchen in a jiffy – let’s be real, which is most of the time. This can help you a lot which is why we think not adding it to the kitchen layout can be a huge mistake.

  • Thinking you can do electric or plumbing work

Please we highly recommend you to stay off electrical and plumbing work stations if you don’t know how to or you don’t have any qualifications or whatsoever. You can be putting your own life in jeopardy and the plumbing work if not carried out correctly can cause a lot of new problems to your kitchen. Please avoid it at all costs and rather hire a professional for the work.

  • Not considering your power capacity

Since you are remodeling your kitchen, there has a high chance that you will want to add more appliances which can eat up more power and watts can be higher. Before you add these appliances, make sure that you check your power capacity so that you can plan accordingly.

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